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File Downloads

Here are some of the files we've worked with in the class.
These are newly revised files (as of 5-Dec-2000) including
a sample project with 32-bit floating-point math support.

For these files to work properly, they MUST be installed in a folder called C:/MCUEB/Firmware. Create these folders first, then unzip the downloaded file into C:/MCUEB/Firmware. If you must work in a different root or folder, create new project files that include the new path. Get the files here.

All files provided here are (c)1999-2000 by James David Smith. You may use them as you like, provided full credit is included in your files. This software is provided without warranty. Use this software at your own risk.

Student Work

It's very exciting to see students utilize features of the experimenter's board
in new ways. Here are some outstanding examples.

Student: Hung Zee ("Zee"), enrolled fall 2000
Application: Provide remote control of board resources via the RS-232 port using a custom protocol for a dumb-terminal PC interface. This download includes a DOC file explaining the custom protocol. GOOD WORK!!
Download Zee's file here.


The above files require the MCU Experimenter's Board as provided in the University of Toronto Professional Development course.



Here's a pretty good overview article:
http://www.howstuffworks.com/microcontroller.htm (thanks to John DeVenz for finding this article!)

And if you want more detail about microcontrollers:

Email James David Smith.