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James David Smith is a contract electronics design consultant. Working for you, he develops new products, improves and updates existing products, manages and oversees initial production, provides training and assistance to your staff, and authors technical documentation you need to satisfy clients, safety agencies in the USA and Canada, and Canadian IRAP/ SRED tax reviewers.

Mr. Smith has developed award-winning technologies for nearly two decades, including the most memorable effects of Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera (Toronto 1989, Canadian Tour 1991, US Tour 3 1992), numerous Broadway shows throughout the 1990s, the complex electronics and software behind the Revolution Display / Toys R Us "building board" scrolling sign matrix in Times Square, New York City (2003) and the scrolling matrix of the Toronto Eaton Centre Media Tower in Toronto (2004).

While many of his accomplishments have been executed under the Soundsculpture Incorporated banner, Mr. Smith has also been the President of Punch Media where he pioneered early concepts in online music vending and online radio (1996 - 2000), and the Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer for Revolution Display Systems Inc. (2000 - 2004). He is presently focused on consulting and design, teaching, technical writing, and a growing demand for articles and lectures.

Soundsculpture operates, the online vendor of the RC4Magic wireless dimming system for theatre and film. RC4Magic is a 6th-generation control system designed by Mr. Smith. It is the culmination of 20 years working with the most demanding show designers in the United States and Canada, including Livent, Disney, and Cirque du Soleil.

Mr. Smith has taught for the University of Toronto Professional Development Centre, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Toronto. His course Microcontrollers and Embedded Electronic Control introduced engineers of varying disciplines to electronics, microcontrollers, and firmware-based process control. Mr. Smith's curriculum and his hands-on practical approach was well received by both faculty and students. (U of T later cancelled this course and others like it, in favor of management-oriented content.)

An accredited Master member of the Microchip Consultant Program and USITT, Mr. Smith frequently participates in the evaluation of new protocols, products and development tools.

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Why subcontract new product design and development?

To save time and money, get to market faster, and reduce your administrative burden.

A skilled independent consultant charges you only for the resources used -- the time and materials going directly into your project.

By keeping overheads low, and technical expertise high, you get the maximum bang for your buck.

James David Smith can complete a new product design faster than in-house staff usually do, and in many cases a flat fee is quoted to meet specifications.

Costs are not only lower, they're predictable. Project budgeting doesn't get any easier than this.

Years of design and prototyping work has allowed James David Smith to forge strong relationships with major component manufacturers and distributors, obtaining no-cost or low-cost samples and early-run parts before they are commercially available.

Prototypes cost less and are completed faster. The product is in hand -- and in the market -- sooner.




James David Smith - Father, Musician, Craftsman

Currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina, James David Smith has worked professionally as a jazz pianist and accompanist, and many years ago operated a small recording studio for jazz and pop music projects.

He also enjoys cycling, rollerblading, fishing, woodworking in his garage workshop, and digital photography with a growing collection of cameras.


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